Wry Perspectives: Fictional Accounts that Challenge “Reality.” Here are sardonic views of our life on earth, ones that poke away at our misguided assumptions and concocted dreams. Perhaps they will offer a yellow-brick road to the true wizard.

Everyone is encouraged to offer relevant items for Wry Perspectives. They needn’t be long and involved, just ones that present a incisive angle about the human condition. Submit suggestions to info@mszc.org for posting.

1. The Only Sane Person  A short story by Jim Dildine (a friend of the Stray Dog Sangha). This story is from a collection of 26 entitled Firehorse, available on Amazon in Kindle version. – Download.

Jim is also the the author of The Cry of the Cicadas, a novel from the progressive left that explores the deep connection between our present environmental and political crises and the spirituality that may guide our actions to save ourselves from its worst effects.

2. Notes on impermanence from a Los Angeles restaurant restroom wall –
     Nostalgia’s not what it used to be.

    It was what is was – when it was – now it ain’t.