We have more than a couple of hot photographers in MSZC. Happy snaps should flow in abundance. Attaching a name, verse or saying helps others to share your experience. Video clips, any kind of drawings, and especially cartoons are highly valued.


1. Calvin and Hobbs discuss the vagaries of thinking and writing – Download

2. Here is cartoon drawing with an monk with a question and place for you to provide an answer. Take a look and post your response at info@mszc.org  “What is Buddhanature?” – Download 

3. “Finding Daybreak” Photo by Janice Ward – Download

4. Photos by Steve Bartelt – Download

5. The Buddha entitled “Sewing His Own Clothing.” Photo by Janice Havlena, dedicated to all members sewing rakusu or kesa. – Download

6. Selected Photos by Shinsen Troy Couillard – Download

7. Gallery Photos by Shinsen Troy Couillard – Download

8. “Buddha at Noon” Guadong, China Photo by Janice Havlena 2014 – Download

9. “Finding Openings” by Jan Sesui Ward – Download

10. Wandering in the Vastness by Renshin Verkuilen – Download

11. Moments of Calm by Jan Seisui Ward – Download

12. Where all of us live by Anonymous – Download

13. A winter day, clear, bright, calm, no scurrying by Jan Seisui Ward – Download