Turning words is a home for your bright, written insights, offering the Sangha an entryway into innovative cognitions, descriptions of incidences of personal growth, and musings on the Dharma.


1. “An Ordinary Being hears the sound of dogs barking; A Buddha hears the sound of dogs barking” (1)   A reflection on perception and thusness. Ted Biringer submitted by Jeff Nytes – Download

2. Reflections on a Street Retreat by Georgina McKee (She grew up in Madison, has been a dharma student for four years, and a resident at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, NM since May 2015.) – Download

3. Oryoki with Christel by David McKee – Download

4. Buddhism in Fifteen wordsDownload

5. What is a complaint anyway but a prayer for change that you do not know how to manifest.”
        Sarah Layden