We have a couple of poetry pros and as well as a flock of amateurs in the Sangha. This area is the home for the profound, the joyous, and hopefully, a few bargain basement limericks.


1. Poems by Joe Kyugen Michaud January 2015 – Download

2. Samadhi by Jessica Fayerman – Download

3. An Anonymous offering – Download

4. Approximations by Shinsen Troy Couillard – Download

5.. Various Verses by various word artists – Download

6. Poems by Chris Hayden – Download

7. Resident in Time by Keith Meyer – Download

8. In the Dojang by Keith Meyer – Download

9. Two Haiku by David McKee – Download

10. Published Haiku by David McKee – Download

11. Rohatsu Sesshin 2016 by David McKee – Download