Almost everyone owns a smart phone or other recording device, so share an audio of Zen inspired music, a soundscape that transforms the ordinary into an example of thusness, a heartfelt true story or tale, or a joke or two that effortlessly provides the means that transport us to the blessed world of hilarity.


Talks by Sangha Members and Guests – Download
Mindfulness in Prison Work by Paul Jindo Fullerton 3/6/2016
The Paramita of Generosity by Shinsen Couillard 3/20/2016

1. Poetry Presentation by Joe Kyugen Michaud and David McKee 4/3/2016 – Download

2.. Prison is not for everyone  a presentation to the Ethical Society of St. Louis by Kalen McAllister of the Shinzo Zen Center of St. Louis – Download

3. The Tale of Zen Master Bho Li Audio authored and read by Barbara Verkuilen. Enjoy Master Bho Li’s story told while viewing Aaron Gilmore’s true-to-story illustrations in the printed book. – Download

4. An excerpt from Tony Hillerman’s Dance Hall of the Dead on the Navajo understanding of interdependence. – Download

5. Zen and Farming.  Brandon Churchill and Bob Tremmel, Des Moines Zen Center members, discuss small scale dairy farming run by a family. – Download
   Zen and Milking – Is the Purpose to Empty the Udder or Fill Up the Pail? Brandon Churchhill continues his study of the Way of Farming – Download

6. Music in the Moment submitted by Chris Hyatt. Eleven pieces of music from near and far that take one to the edge of inconceivability. Print out the PDF explanation before listening.(Check out the Tibetan Monks and the Crickets) – Download