Zen Sparks offers a place for Sangha members to share their practice insights with other members and the wider community. Members are invited to participate by any means–audio, visual, photographic, musical, poetic, verbal, or any other way deemed appropriate. All are welcome. Contact us to send submissions.

Send submissions to dale@mszc.org for posting.

Below are our current Zen Sparks categories.


Almost everyone owns a smart phone or other recording device, so share an audio of Zen inspired music, a soundscape that transforms the ordinary into an example of thusness, a heartfelt true story or tale, or a joke or two that effortlessly provides the means that transport us to the blessed world of hilarity. View Audio Posts.

Turning Words

Turning words is a home for your bright, written insights, offering the Sangha an entryway into innovative cognitions, descriptions of incidences of personal growth, and musings on the Dharma. View Turning Words Posts.

Sundry Quotes

Sayings of others you wish you had said.  View Sundry Quotes Posts.


Essays are transcriptions of Dharma Talks and musings on Zen related topics by members or friends of the Sangha.  View Essay Posts. 


We have more than a couple of hot photographers in MSZC. Happy snaps should flow in abundance. Attaching a name, verse or saying helps others to share your experience. Video clips, any kind of drawings, and especially cartoons are highly valued. View Visual Posts.


Poetry’s purpose is to harmonize the sadness of the world. – A. E. Housman

We have a couple of poetry pros and as well as a flock of amateurs in the Sangha. This area is the home for the profound, the joyous, and hopefully, a few bargain basement limericks. View Poetry Posts.

Wry Perspectives

Here are sardonic views of our life on earth, ones that poke away at our misguided assumptions and concocted dreams. Perhaps they will offer a yellow-brick road to the true wizard. View Wry Perspectives Posts

Everyone is encouraged to offer relevant items for Wry Perspectives. They needn’t be long and involved, just ones that present a incisive angle about the human condition. Submit suggestions to dale@mszc.org for posting.