MSZC holds regularly scheduled sittings on Tuesday evenings and the second Saturday of each month.


Tuesday Zazen – 7:00-8:30pm

7:00 Zazen

7:30 Kinhin

7:40 Zazen

8:10 Fukanzazengi


Second Saturday of each month – 7:30-11:00am

7:30 Zazen

8:00 Kinhin

8:10  Zazen

8:40 Chanting service

9:00 Dharma dialogue

9:20 Tea, coffee, snacks

9:45 Discussion of collaborative study materials


Please arrive early so as to be seated and ready at the start times. If you would like zazen instruction prior to the regularly scheduled sittings, please contact us by email – – and we can plan to meet with you a few minutes before group zazen begins.