Collaborative Sangha Study
Collaborative study focuses on a chosen topic using dialogue communication techniques based on the teachings of David Bohm. The group interplay yields an intimate exchange of insights and deepening of Sangha interaction. These meetings are normally held in Madison, WI. They are also held at other locations on a invitation basis, and are also offered as one-day concentrated study sessions.

Personalized Collaborative Study
One-on-one meditation instruction and study personalized for a practitioner’s requirements is offered for those wanting to enhance their practice beyond the group setting. Meetings are scheduled periodically to review assigned and independent portions of the study.

All Day Zazen and Study Meetings
One day Zazen–Study sessions and longer sesshins are held periodically. Information on each meeting will be announced before their scheduled date.

Other Offerings and Community Outreach
Sangha Development: Help with organizing a group
Speakers for church, colleges, and other organizations
Weddings, funerals, and memorial services